Our Services

  • Website design – create a unique look for your new website
  • Logo design – brand or product
  • Website hosting – cost effective and environmental 100% green energy

Special functions

  • Video On Demand (VOD)
  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription Memebership
  • Online shop
  • Slideshow/ Image Gallery
  • Digital downloads


We can create unique functions which suit your needs, such as our Pay Per View video solution, which allows our video clients to publish their videos on the net and keep control of royalties without selling out to the big corporations who consume most of your money in distribution charges.

Talk to us about your unique internet requirements and we can tell you about the solutions we have for you.

Convert Your Old Site

Old Site New Site

One of the biggest enquiries we hear is from clients who would like us to make some changes to their existing site. Perhaps they are looking to add new functions, such as a blog, video, new pages or shopping carts.

We are able to bring existing websites into the new era of websites and often at less than the cost other website providers are charging for a few simple changes.

The added benefit is that the client can then take control of their site – and can quickly add their own pages and content without having to pay a designer every time a staff member or product range changes.

Contact us today to see how we can take your website to the next level.

Stop! Consider these important questions before you decide who to use for your web design:

Is your web designer a computer technician or an artist?

This is an important question to ask before selecting a web design company. The internet is primarily a visual medium. Our eye tells us how to navigate a site, and the words register in our minds later. At Websites4You, our sites are personally created by a graphic designer with 20 years experience in computer animations and visual design. Our sites don’t look just like a brochure or template that’s been pasted onto the web.

Who hosts and manages your domain and your website?

We have many clients who have called us in a panic – they were lured by a nameless, faceless corporation who promised a cheap site that ended in disaster when the website disappeared overnight and our clients lost their email access at the same time. Knowing that you can pick up the phone to speak with you web designer when hosting issues arise is critical to reducing interruption to the flow of your business. The downtime experienced when trying to wrangle control of your domain back can really be damaging. Choose a local and well known provider.

How long is a piece of string?

As everyone’s requirements are different it’s very hard to give an exact figure for a website unless the client is very clear about what is wanted. So to give you a quote we ask that you please do a little homework before hand. As the clearer you are about what you want the more likely we can deliver a fantastic website to you that you are over the moon about.

  • pick 3 websites you love
  • pick 3 websites you hate
  • stock images that reflect you and your business (most stock sites allow downloading watermarked versions of their images)
  • what special requirements does your site need? e.g. online store, forum, membership
  • have your logo available in EPS format

We are constantly surprised by the number of our clients who have found that it is more cost effective for us to create them a brand new site than to continue paying the ongoing costs of CMS access, software licensing fees and exorbitant upgrade and content update fees that they are presently locked into.

We have a simple one-off website creation fee and and annual hosting fee. Aside from registration of your domain name there is nothing else to pay.

After your site is completed we can show you how to update the site yourself through our training courses or private training sessions, or we can make your changes for you at a very effective rate.

Our rates are well under the radar of our competitors, and when you see our designs, you’ll be surprised too at what we can deliver within your budget.

Contact us with your requirements.